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Resemble Me by Robyn is a full service natural hair braidery that aids in healthy hair growth for Afro textured hair through protective braiding styles. Yes, the end result is important, however, it is not the only focus with us. We pride ourselves on properly installing protective styles that are pain free and suitable for your current hair condition, while providing protective styling tips to ensure your protective style is protecting. Are you ready to invest in your crown?

About the Owner

Hello Beautiful People, I'm Robyn Thomas, owner of Resemble Me by Robyn. Since beginning my artistry, I have always believed in the experssion of oneself through protective braiding styles while simultaneously encourging  healthy hair growth and retention. From my four years of servicing I have aquired both the knowledge and skill to to give you the experience of a lifetime and a protective style to enhance the beauty of YOU! 




Robyn is personable, and her energy is everything. If you want to talk, she offers seamless conversation that never feels forced, and when you dont want to talk it doesnt feel awkard. She plays great music, her workspace is clean!!!!!! The whole vibe is just welcoming.

I was skeptical becuase she has SO many great reviews and comments.... like ALL 5 star... When expectations are that high, it's usually easy to be disappointed. But this was not the case!!! Beginning witht the booking process, it was straight forward and easy. She is timely in responding, and absolutely professional in all interaction. The morning of my appointment she was even waiting to greet me at the door! I got starter locs, and she paid close attention to my to details making sure my parts were straight and my twists were the same size. The hair was felt AMAZING and I never once felt my time was being wasted. I'm still amazed at how we finished well before she estimated we would without sacrifing quality! Her hair products all smell amazing, but the biggest takeaway was how knowledgable she is. She talked hair health. SHe made sure I knew how to care for and maintain my hair, what products to use and explained WHY. She is worth more than she charges, and I'm so glad I found her page. You will not be disappointed. 

Alexandrea S.

She has one of the best locations, very convient and close to my home. The studio was clean and comfortable, and the overall vibe was tranquil, not loud like other braid studios. I definitely recommend this braid studio if you are looking for a professional and relaxing environment.​

I had my hair styled back in late April by Robyn and my braids are still holding up well,, even after my 7 day cruise. I recieved nothing but compliments about my hair. I appreciate that Robyn was very punctual and peasently welcoming for my appointment. I enjoyed talking witht her throughout my time there and loved the hair tips that she provided. i was very pleased with my braids and look forward to having my hair styled by Robyn in the near future.

LaToya D.

Robyn is not only very professional and personal, but she is a true artist. She takes great care of my hair and I love how she is open to trying new things and I am always happy with the results.

Lynee J.


There is so much that i can say about this sweet spirit, but to keep thing short, she is nothing short of amazing. From her warm welcome, to her amazing intellectual conversations. She was ON TIME! There wasn't anyone in her chair when I arrived. I was serviced ON TIME! Of course she delivered the hairstyle intended - starter locs. The vibe in this cozy studio is the bomb! Nothing but love, Queen!​

Trelle B.

Amazing customer service and very professional. Breathe of fresh air being fairly new to San Diego!​

Alexandria R.

Omg!! Robyn is very professional and genuinely cares about the quality of your hair. Each time I have booked an appointment, she has finished the service much faster than anticipated with quality work. Her work environment is also clean. She is very easy to talk to and you are guaranteed to love your hair. Thanks again!!

Torrie D.

Robyn is the BOMB okay?!!! She's very educated in healthy hair, she knows what type of braids benefit your hair the best, she's clean, punctual, and sweet! I try to refer all of my clients to Robyn when it comes to braids.

Taylour G. Stylist

The business is just a s advertised. If you are seeking a clean, professional, and relaxing atmosphere for your hair care service - this is the place. I am looking forward to my next service. ​

Robyn is a business professional. I appreciate her timeliness, her explanations, and talking with her. Refreshing!

Rochelle L.

Robyn is such a professional! She takes great care of my hair like it was hers. I love how quiet, clean, and peaceful the studio is. Sh'e such a good stylist.

Shirley E.

Always a great atmosphere in her shop. Quality hair care services as well as customer service! I recomment this shop to everyone!​

Fabian G.

Thank you for the amazing conversation! I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and look forward to seeing you again soon. Blessings!​

Jennifer O.

From walking in to the appointment to leaving every aspect of the experience was incredible. Robyn was warm, professional and knows what she's doing! She has gained a repeat customer.

Monique C.

I've been having my hair braided by Robyn for the past 2 1/2 years. I love the fact that she focuses on the overall health of your hair, not just the hair style. Her salon is always immaculate and her level of service is excellent as well.

Andrea H.

My hair always comes out looking great and last. I never experience breakage when taking my braids out.

Kind, professional and always ready to start on time.

Joy W.

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